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Wines & Winemakers of Languedoc-Roussillon by Peter Gorley PDF | The Wines & Winemakers of Languedoc-Roussillon

Wines & Winemakers of Languedoc-Roussillon by Peter Gorley PDF


PDF version – 156MB
This eBook is for use with PCs/Android and for non Apple devices (not for Kindle).
Once purchased, you have 14 days to download the book using the link provided.
• Please note: When you click on your link to download the PDF, the PDF will open in a browser window. This may take a while as the file is 150MB. Once the file has opened you will need to Save the file to your computer. This can either be done through your File menu or by using the icons in the header of the browser window.
In this PDF version external website links work (ie. www…) but internal page links do not work.


Not for resale or distribution.


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